Profile of Director
Compulsory Education Advisory Group
School Affairs Section
Compulsory Education Section
Social Education Section
Physical & Hygienic Education Division
Special Education Section
Special Education Resource Center
Education Web Center
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Site Map
1.Profile of Director
2.Organization Structure of Education Department
3.Information of Each Unit of the Education Department
  3-1.Compulsory Education Advisory Group
  3-2.School Affairs Section
  3-3.Compulsory Education Section
  3-4. Social Education Section
  3-5.Physical & Hygienic Education Section
  3-6.Special Education Section
  3-7. Special Education Resource Center
  3-8.Education Web Center
4.School Website Link

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Chiayi City Goverment Education Department   地址:嘉義市東區中山路199號 TEL:(05)2254321 2285823 FAX:(05)2251305