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       Compulsory Education Advisory Group


One: Origin

The territory of the city is narrow and small; it has the lowest number of elementary and junior high schools within the seven counties/cities of the southern region strategic alliance. However, creating a Happy, Healthy City and Enhance the Education of the City is the policy of the City Government. Furthermore, through the guiding principles of the city’s educational development plan: Cultural Leadership Complemented by Technology, Refinement & Innovation and International Perspective, we hope to cultivate students with international perspectives, cultural qualities, competitiveness and local cultural sentiments.

Regardless of parents, teachers or education administrative personnel, they all shoulder the responsibility and mission of education; they are not only educational partners and motivators of children, but are also contributors of efforts to improving the curriculum and educational performance of schools, as well as enhancing the quality of children’s learning together.

     School curriculum is the core of school education and is dependent on the planning and promotion of the education administrative team; however, school curriculum organizations such as the curriculum development committee and education research committee, etc. rely on the diligence and commitment of curriculum leaders, principals, academic affairs supervisors and chiefs of curriculum & instruction.


Two: Annual Target

Overarching objective
  1. In response to the key-points of the policies formulated by the MOE to promote school curriculum, and in collaboration with the city’s development direction and annual key points, plan and organize citywide principal, director, chief of section, teacher and parents’ professional growth activities such as philosophy promotion, expertise & implementation, assessment & improvement, innovative development and integrative evaluation, etc.
  2. Develop local culture, cultivate students’ appreciative sentiment towards local culture, and implement the promotion of school curriculum.
  3. Promote ocean education, create an ocean culture, cultivate sentiments towards the ocean and develop ocean art and culture.
  4. Cultivate teachers with professional science knowledge, strengthen professional quality and promote learning communities for the refinement of teachers’ education.
  5. Emphasize cultural qualities, cultivate student philosophy and perspective towards life, as well as the ability to appreciate aesthetics.
  6. Materialize the sharing and feedback of teaching experiences, liven teaching skills and innovate curriculum content.
  7. Promote parents’ participation in educational affairs to enhance parent-teacher collaboration, strengthen students’ learning effects and improve the quality of education.
  8. Construct English villages in the city’s schools, promote the concept of internationalization, strengthen English education, and expand international perspectives, thereby synchronizing education with global trends.

Three: Schematic Diagram

Chiayi City Compulsory Education Advisory Group Education Enhancement Project

Four: Functioning and Development Concept of the Elementary Education Advisory Group

In addition to the operation and professional growth of group members, the city’s advisory group also formulates group growth projects, citywide in-school consultation service projects and implementation projects for various learning fields in elementary and junior high schools in accordance with the spirit and goal of the teaching refinement program, as well as the requirements of different learning fields in elementary and junior high schools. Furthermore, by combining the city’s self-financed funds, a comprehensive implementation project will be established based on the direction of refining education and the means of implementation education. Moreover, the accuracy, comprehensiveness, adequacy and continuity of the project are also taken into consideration.

The projects organized by the advisory group are targeted primarily at the advisors and conveners of various fields in schools, and seed teachers. The activity or curriculum content is progressive, coupled with the sub projects, which involves the growth curriculum of teachers citywide and independent projects by the schools to optimize the function of the seed teachers, so that Chiayi City may refine teaching skills by allowing teachers to become the best of the best, and in turn stimulate improvements in the students’ learning performance.

Future development strategy and key points for the entire project:

  1. Select quality teachers from various learning fields for centralized training, who will become the seed teachers for the advisory group.
  2. Organize teaching inspections for various learning fields, sharing of achievements of teaching case studies or action research.
  3. Create a digital learning material resource database for various learning fields.
  4. Formulate the project of in-school counseling in all elementary and junior high schools in the county/city, as well as implement an in-school counseling service.
  5. Propose a professional growth and counseling project for the advisory group based mainly on demonstration teaching.
  6. Create an advisor teaching inspection and sharing mechanism, as well as encourage recording of instruction CDs as information for teaching research, analysis or sharing.
  7. Create an outstanding human resources database of teachers from various learning fields.
  8. Organize separate teaching inspections and discussions for various learning fields.
  9. Rewards for teachers who participate in teaching inspections and sharing.
  10. Organize the promotion of curriculum that has been revised under the city’s policies.
  11. In reference to the various learning fields’ curriculum outline and capability index, conduct an interpretation and vertical development trajectory analysis; organize related research and study curriculum so that the teachers may grasp the teaching material and the progressive learning goals of teaching.

Incorporate creative elements into curriculum design and activity teaching.

The advisory group of the city persists in the goals of assisting teachers on-site and improving the advisors’ enthusiasm, thereby hoping to play the role of a bellwether in order to achieve the objective of uplifting and refining the teaching capability of teachers in the city.    



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