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        Compulsory Education Section


One: Description of organization and services

(1)     Description of organization

  1. Compulsory education is in charge of school affairs and organizes hardware construction, provides teaching equipment, monitors public safety, ensures school openings, assists parent-teacher associations and establishes classes or schools.
  2. Current human resources: One section chief, two officers, three contract staffs.

(2)     Services

  1. Supervision and ratification of the establishment of classes and schools.
  2. Demarcate school districts for elementary and junior high schools.
  3. Processing school grounds for elementary and junior high schools.
  4. Supervision and management of elementary and junior high school’s budget.
  5. Supervision of school’s air defense emergency evacuation.
  6. Handling of buildings and facilities in the event of natural disaster.
  7. Mobilization of resources.
  8. Supervision of school’s buildings and facilities.
  9. Provide assistance in parent-teacher associations.
  10. Coordinate education statistics and reports.

Two: Important Achievements (2006~2010)

(1)     Create a quality learning environment

  1. Renovation of old buildings in elementary and junior high schools.
  2. Implement the Sophisticated Compulsory Education Infrastructure Construction Project’s new school building construction.
  3. Gangping and Wenya Elementary School new construction project.
  4. Other school building construction.

  • Boai Elementary School’s second campus swimming pool construction.
  • Shixian Elementary School activity center construction.
  • Nanxing Junior High School’s second campus exploration experience park installation.
  • Yushan Junior High School’s second campus school construction.
  • Xingjia Elementary School’s second campus school construction.
  • Qiaoping Elementary School’s activity center construction.

(2)      Building a learning environment safety network:

  1. International safety school certification.
  2. Public Liability Insurance
  3. Safety facilities.

(3)     Build a digital learning environment:

  1. Information Education Promotion Project subsidizes various schools in updating computer classroom facilities.
  2. Digitization project for conventional classrooms in various elementary schools.

Three: Expected Working Targets

To effectively improve the educational environment of various schools in the city, thereby providing students and teachers with a safer, more comfortable and better quality learning environment.



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