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        Social Education Section


One: Description of organization and services

The Social Education Section comprises a section chief, two officers, one Chinese instructor, one secretary in the Cultural Construction Committee, and two full-time staff in the Family Education Center. They are in charge of organizing social education work, and their responsibilities are as below:

  1. Reading education
  2. Adult and lifelong education
  3. School transportation safety education
  4. School art education
  5. Teacher’s Day commendations
  6. Afterschool education
  7. Language competitions, student music competitions, student art competitions
  8. Organize Boy Scout activities.
  9. Assist the Educational Affairs Foundation
  10. Expand home education

Two: Important Achievements

  1. We have actively strived for private resources to create five Love Libraries in schools such as Xinan, Boai, Linsen, Chuiyang and Daye. The density is no.1 in the country, with the number of loaned books in circulation reaching 120,000.
  2. In order to cultivate the reading abilities of children and establish their lifelong reading habit and interest, for four years, the number of books in various elementary school and junior high schools has been increased from 300,000 to 430,000. A total of NT$42,517,906 was invested in reading.
  3. In 2010, Daye Junior High School and Linsen Elementary School received the national Outstanding Reading Award from the MOE; furthermore, they have also received affirmation from E.Sun Volunteer, which made an exception for the first time by donating NT$5 million to establish the E.Sun Library, creating a quality reading environment. In addition, the government subsidized the construction of the locomotive children’s story house and Little Bookworm’s House reading room in Lantan Elementary School. The facility was officially inaugurated in 2010, creating a reading space comparable to that of eslite bookstores.
  4. Promote holiday talent and skill performances: School’s art groups are encouraged to perform outside the school and organize the exhibition of cultural and art creations, thereby introducing art and culture into the communities, as well as stimulate art and cultural exchanges between the school and community, in turn deep-rooting arts in the community. On average, more than 12 schools organize art and cultural activities in the community each year, with more than 2,000 students partaking in art and cultural performance or exhibitions.
  5. Successfully organized the 2010 National Lantern Competition: In conjunction with the city’s organization of the 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival, in order to pass down the experience of lantern creation, in addition to hosting teachers’ lantern production instruction research and study, we have requested all schools to incorporate lantern production teaching as an important item in the art and cultural curriculum; moreover, the 2010 National Lantern Competition was also organized. With 1,019 submissions for the lantern competition, not only was the 1,000 mark broken, it also set the record for the most number of submissions to the Taiwan Lantern Festival.
  6. After judging was complete for the National Lantern Competition, the Parent-child division was won by Striving for the Best from Datong Elementary School, the Junior High School division was received by Chiayi City Beixing Junior High School’s Aliang Enjoys New Year. A total of 704 creations were submitted by elementary and junior high schools in the city; in particular, with 53 submissions, Jiabei Elementary School had the most number of submissions in the elementary school division, while Beixing Junior High School had the most number of submissions in the junior high school category with 43 submissions. The highest award-winning rate in the elementary school division was achieved by Minzu Elementary School with 71.4%, while Beixing Junior High School secured the highest winning rate of 58.8% in the junior high school division. The participants this year have repeatedly broken previous records to create a glorious history.
  7. Participated in the National Language Competition and received first place in the junior high school indigenous speech competition in 2008. Received second place in the junior high school teachers’ Taiwanese reading competition, third place in the senior high school students’ Taiwanese reading competition and third place in the elementary school teachers’ Chinese reading competition in 2009. In 2010, received first place in the senior high school division essay competition, first place in the senior high school division indigenous reading competition, second place in the junior high school indigenous reading competition, second place in the junior high school division indigenous reading competition and second place in the social division Taiwanese speech competition.
  8. Actively cultivates traditional arts clubs; the puppet theatres from Datong and Zhihang Elementary Schools have represented the city to participate in national puppet theatre competitions every year and have received outstanding awards.
  9. In order to provide folks from the Chiayi region with lifelong learning opportunities, and to enhance the living quality of local citizens, community colleges are established in the West and the East District, with 140 courses offered and more than 4,300 enrollees per annum. Such facilities have effectively enhanced the cultural and life knowledge of the citizens.
  10. The city’s 2009 Art in School: Cloud Gate 2 school dance performance saw six performances held in schools such as Datong, Xuanshen, Chongwen, Minsheng, Beiyuan (central), and Chiayi. In total, more than 5,410 students participated in the events; they were deeply impressed by the professional dancers’ simple explanations of profound theories and praised their extraordinary performances.
  11. In order to truly implement life education and allow students to Learn by Doing, Do by Learning, as well as to enrich their knowledge, to emphasize theory and practice, and to develop their skills, each year, activities such as community Boy Scout Life Experience Camp, Junior High School Boy Scout Education & Activity Camp, Cub Scout Wood Badge Training etc. are held with outstanding results. In 2009, the program was judged as no.2 in the country.
  12. In order to create a vision of a warm family and a harmonious society, we have actively promoted family education. For instance: parenting education, women’s education, senior citizen education, marital education, new citizen family education, etc. Participants include the general public, new citizens and their families, disadvantaged families, women and senior citizens; each year, more than 20 events are designed with at least 120 activities held in collaboration with schools and civil organizations. More then 5,000 people partake in the events, which are diverse and provide opportunities for growth and interactive sharing; those who participated have expressed positive feedback.

Three: Expected Working Targets

  1. Actively promote school reading, thereby enhancing the atmosphere of reading and cultivating the students’ habit to read.
  2. Through the hosting of various art events to cultivate the students’ art and cultural qualities, in turn achieve the educational goal of holistic education.
  3. Provide all learners with an opportunity for lifelong education, thereby materializing the concepts of Learning by Everyone, Learning All the Time and Learning Everywhere, so that individuals are not only equipped with the ability to adapt to the dynamic, changing society, they may also fully develop their potential and achieve self-realization.
  4. Promote various family education activities, providing citizens with the necessary knowledge to effectively resolve the needs of family life and the challenges of social transformation, thereby creating warm, healthy families and a harmonious society.



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