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        Special Education Section


One: Description of organization and services

 (1)    Description of organization

  1. The Special Education Section is in charge of special education (gifted category, disabled category) and early childhood education.
  2. Current human resources: One section chief, two officers, three contract staffs.
  3. Chiayi Special Education Resource Center is established in Chongwen Elementary School as a subsidiary in the form of a task force.

(2)    Services

  1. Organize textbooks for disabled students, transportation (fees), tuition fees, tuition material/equipment subsidies, tuition fees for low income children, free tuition fee subsidy for 5 year-old children etc.
  2. Organize identification, placement and consultation committee, advisory committee and expert teams for special education.
  3. Organize special education and children education advanced studies and research etc.
  4. Organize special education reporting system, transition service, statistics and annual reports, publications, achievement albums, manuals, promotional materials.
  5. Organize talent and skill performance competitions, education and entertainment activities, educational equipment/material exhibitions, etc.
  6. Organize the preparation and legal registration of kindergartens, after school care and education, afterschool nursing, after school care class for disabled students, etc.  
  7. Organize special education, children’s education assessment, visits, public safety inspections, etc.
  8. Organize other and provisional affairs.

Two: Important Achievements (2006~2010)

(1)    In 2008, a self-sufficient special education class was established in Minsheng Junior High School and a disabled resource class was established in Yuren Elementary School.

(2)    In 2009, a preschool special education touring class was established (Chongwen Elementary School), as well as a resource class (Jiabei Elementary School). In addition, a non-category resource touring class was established in Yushan Junior High School.   

(3)    In 2009, the preschool preparation class was established (Jiabei and Chongwen Elementary School)

(4)    Personally award a scholarship (54 candidates for an academic year) and education compensation (NT$3,500 per month for home education, NT$6,000 maximum for social welfare institutions). Enter homes to understand problems and provide students with an opportunity for success.

(5)    Formulate key points for subsidizing outstanding disabled students from elementary schools and junior high schools in Chiayi City to participate in overseas art talent and skill performance competitions. The transportation fees and accommodation fees of each team or individual students traveling abroad are subsidized.

(6)    Staring from 2007, afterschool care class services are organized for disabled students from elementary schools or junior high schools; by providing disabled students with venues for afterschool activities, parents may seek employment with peace of mind.

(7)    Replacing old disabled student transportation vehicles

  1. In 2006, one old disabled student transportation vehicle was replaced (Chongwen Elementary School).
  2. In 2008, two old disabled student transportation vehicles were replaced (one each for Jiabei and Linsen Elementary School).
  3. In 2009, two old disabled student transportation vehicles were replaced (one each for Beixing Junior High School and Chuiyang Elementary School).

(8)    Subsidized bowls equipment at five schools (Minsheng, Jiabei, Linsen, Chuiyang and Datong)

Three: Expected Working Targets

  1. Children with various kinds of special education needs may receive adequate education to develop their potential.
  2. Enhance teachers’ service enthusiasm and strengthen the care of students.
  3. Enhance facilities and tuition performance.
  4. Enhance the quality of children’s education.



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