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        Special Education Resource Center


organization overview (services or institution introduction)

1.Assisting study companion to special education students of each school.
2.notification of special education (including title changing service and large-character books), filing documents, filling documents and others.
3.Dealing with affairs for professional teams of special education to provide services at site, roving tour as well as funds.
4.Issues regarding records, compilation, and funds of authenticated consultation association and consultation committee.
5.Transferring and settling individual visits and consultation hotline.
6.publishing special education related publications, achievements booklet, publications, and promotional materials.

important achievements (displays of projects result)

Special cooperative hospital projects of special education professional groups of Chiayi City in 2002 academic year.

anticipated goals (planning goals)

1.To reinforce professional group's service of special education: To regularly work with Chiayi Christian Hospital, SanMa Yerding Hospital, Chen Jen-de Hospital to provide professional services.

2.To enhance teachers' professionalknowledge of special education: to deal with professional knowledge seminar of special education, offering teachers of junior high schools, elementary schools, and kindergartens and special workers professional knowledge and a chance for advanced study.

3. To carry out handicapped kids who accept pre-school education: To subsidize the private kindergartens (institutions) that accept 3-year-old and above and under 6-year-old kids, the private kindergartens (institutions) that accept 3-year-old and above and under 5-year-old handicapped kids, or those parents have sluggish kids who obtain handicapped brochure and certificates from the united evaluation center.



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