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organization overview (services or institution introduction)

The Education Web Center of our city was established at Lantan elementary school of Chiayi. By the Education Board's mission that in order to expand basic construction of education, it is necessary to install education broadband within our city.Currently, we have managed 43 schools of senior high schools and vocational schools, there are 43 fiber circuits.
1.Manpower allocation
 There are 6 employees currently working at our center, and they are divided into 3 groups:
 (1)internet management group:2 persons.
 (2)system programming group:2 persons.
 (3)administrative resources group:2 person.
2.Other manpower employment
  Each school establishes information group, with 1 group leader.

important achievements (displays of projects result)

 1.To set up the first website service system, “Chia E Cloud Portal,” providing a single sign-on platform to the teachers and students of our city.
(1)a. Until May 2017, it has established over 22 modules for teaching and learning.
(2)b. Until April 2017, there are over 20,000 teachers and students in our city who have created account number at the portal and have used the information.
(3)c. Organizing a contest of teacher's web portal establishment and integrating all of those excellent works for users to access.
2.Employing long-distant education system to organize teachers on-job seminar, which is effectively to cut down cost and to upgrade teachers' application ability about web site information.
3.To set up a website cinema, transferring the multimedia videos that have been produced by the Department of Education , Education Information Board, Agriculture Committee, Media owners' donation, and the school into web streaming videos.

anticipated goals (planning goals)

1. According to the work together on a project but doing different things of academic network, we will actively establish a smart cloud platform of the 9-year consistent education program for junior high schools and elementary schools, making it a major website of multimedia teaching materials for teachers of the nation.
2.To employ the hyper broadband of the fiber network in the city, establishing key developed schools based on different tasks and progressively counseling the projects. Making our city become the service centralization of education network to integrate resources, and offering teachers and students and students' parents a better E-learning environment.
3.Distributing teachers and students of junior high schools and elementary schools of the city digital resources. Encouraging students to employ information network facilities to upgrade students learning ability and capabilities.
4.We organize web treasure hunting activities for students, the online participants of each are over 15,000, which is an entertaining activity with educational purpose.



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